I have probably recommended the PlugBug Dual Charger for my fellow Mac and iPhone users more than nearly any other gadget, besides maybe the Mophie. It’s journeyed with me across four continents, multiple business trips, and saved the life (or at least the battery life) of more than a few desperate traveling companions along the way.

The only drawback to this dual laptop/iOS device charger: having to travel with travel plug converters overseas. Well problem solved.

I’m thrilled to see that twelvesouth has now come up with an option just for us jetlagged, overseas travelers who might not always remember all our accessories when we’re packing in the dark at 4:30 AM before our flight.

The PlugBug World Dual Charger offers the same benefits as the original PlugBug: a dual adapter that charges your Powerbook and any iOS device all at the same time (from older iPads to newviPad Mini and even devices like an Airport Express) and all from one outlet. In fact, it offers the fastest charge available for an iPad, and that’s saying something. And I love the benefit of not having to plug in my MacBook Pro just to charge my iPhone through one of its ports.

PlugBug World by twelvesouth

The World Charger is designed especially to accommodate any one of the 5 international adapters for currents from North America to Europe, to Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Not that your existing outlet adapters, should you have them, can’t work on your existing PlugBug–but still, it’s really nice to just have it all matching, all in one handy set.

PlugBug World Charger international adapters

One small drawback: You can’t just buy the international adapters to convert your existing PlugBug; this is designed to be an all-in-one, so if you don’t own one yet, I’d say just take the plunge into the PlugBug World Charger from the get-go, particularly if there’s any thought of international travel ever in your future. For just $44.99 it’s a heck of a deal. I spent more than that just getting an backup iPhone charger at a Brookstone an airport kiosk last week. Eek. –Liz

Find the PlugBug World Dual Charger online from twelvesouth, There’s free US shipping and decent flat rates for international orders.