Sendboo texting translation app My kids are really lucky to have cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles all nearby, but I missed out on having that big extended family around, with so many relatives in Korea. While we keep up over email and the occasional phone call, the language barrier sometimes prevents us from being more communicative. But I think I may have found a fantastic way to check in with my Korean crew using a new texting app that I love.

Sendboo is an incredible app for iOS that lets you
communicate with anybody in any language via text, and have their texts instantly
translated into your native tongue. Really! So, I can
text with my cousins in Korea in English, they receive it in Korean,
they write back in Korean and I receive it in English.

There’s even
group chat functionality so I can catch up with multiple cousins at the
same time. Whoa, that’s pretty cool technology. 

Sendboo translation texting app
Just download the app, and create a user name, similar to Skype. And yes, that means everyone you text with needs to be using the
Sendboo app as well. However it doesn’t charge anything additional for
its translation and the texting fees are covered with your existing
monthly plan. The app currently support 30(!) languages including
German, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, Swedish, Arabic, Hungarian,
Russian, Vietnamese, of course, Korean, and many more. 
If you have relatives abroad like me, pen
pals, international friends, business colleagues, or just acquaintances you may have met on
your travels abroad, Sendboo is a truly cool app for staying in touch.Jeana

Sendboo is available for free on iTunes. An ad-free version, Sendboo Plus, is available for $3.99.