You’ve got to be intrigued by what looks like an iPhone case, only the packaging begins with the sentence, “Thank you for not buying an iPhone case.”

Such is the story with this exceedingly smart new case for an iPhone, just out today, that incorporates everything you love about the best tablet cases and more.

The SurfacePad for iPhone from our friends at twelvesouth (makers of some of our favorite Mac products including the Book Arc stand and my precious PlugBug dual charger) really considers how a lot of people use their iPhone–as more than just a phone.

The sleek, Napa leather case keeps it slim and professional looking (sorry, no Hello Kitty version available any time soon), but what’s more is it has the ability to fold back and prop up, like a kickstand-style iPad case. It’s a wonder that I haven’t seen a ton of these before, considering how many of us are watching videos, Skyping or using Facetime on our phones these days.

surfacePad for iPhone by twelvesouth
SurfacePad for iPhone

Essentially the back of the case sticks to your iPhone to secure it, and while I haven’t tried it for that long, it does seem like you can peel it off without hurting the phone or leaving residue behind.

It’s really quite smart for parents. While I’m personally not one for handing our kids a screen in a restaurant to keep them quiet, I know a lot of parents do, and this is a good way to pop on a Dora video on your phone and prop it up on the table, without getting those sticky, jammy hands all over it.

Hands offa my Napa leather case, kid! Yep. I can see it.

You can find the brand new SurfacePad for iPhone at the twelvesouth website, along with the SurfacePad for Macbook and Macbook Pro.