G-Project G-Zip speaker on Cool Mom Tech

Music makes up a huge part of my life. This family is known for our regular sing-a-longs, dance parties, and impromptu performances of all sorts. But occured to me recently though that as important as music is here, our home is not properly set up for quality listening.

We spend way too much time listing to music on my iPhone speakers, for shame! And while we have tried a few i-whatever speaker systems but none have lasted us very long at all. 

I am newly optimistic with the discovery of G-Project’s line of portable speakers, especially now that spring is going to be bringing us out and about soon enough. Designed by the creative director of Soundfreaq (which we love!), The G-Project speakers are designed to be tough for on-the-go lifestyles for sure. But as many families can attest (ahem), in-house use can be just as rough with the kiddos. That’s just one of the reasons I really dig these speakers.

G-Project has a few different systems all at very reasonable prices. Right now I am partial to the G-Zip (at top) which is clearly taking on mainstays like the Jawbone Jambox.

The G-Zip is compact, unbelievably easy to use and most importantly, the sound quality is completely impressive, pretty much doubling the output from an iOS device. This little fistfull really packs a punch. Additional perks? It has a retractable cord which I love, because no worries about losing yet another one in the pile. The built-in rechargable battery lasts 8 hours which is great, however a battery compartment option would have been nice for back up. Overall though, heading into the warmer weather this is a perfect little tool to make the rounds everywhere from the beach, park, front porch to grandma’s pool.

G-Grip wireless speakers on Cool Mom Tech

The G-Grip, also very cool, is a Bluetooth wireless speaker for streaming. My first reaction was that it was going to be complicated but that’s far from the truth. It took but 2 seconds to pair it to my phone and then we were good to go. The G-Grip offers sound quality equal to the G-Zip speaker, but this one is built even tougher, which is good because the design resembles a toy building block… but it’s your call if you want to let your kids test that out. Extras here include a line-in if you don’t want to stream and a handy wrist strap.

For the price point of $20 (really!) you can’t go wrong with the little G-Zip but the G-Grip at $69.99 is a mighty good little speaker too.

If you want to stream your music wirelessly versus plugging in, G-Grip is a much cheaper option than other comparable Bluetooth wireless audio systems out there that may not be as durable for a family lifestyle. Rock on securely my fine friends. –Stephanie M

G-Grip and G-Zip portable speakers are available from Target stores nationwide. Learn more at the G-Project website, enterg-project.com.