Perhaps at some point, you will be sitting around, wondering what the heck you get for the guy who has everything, including all three major gaming systems, two drawers full of controllers, and an ancient copy of Madden Football for Amiga that he just can’t part with.

Game controller cufflinks on Cool Mom Tech

These gamer cufflinks will probably do the trick. Whether he’s a NES fan, prefers Xbox 360, or is all about Playstation, there are several styles. Including homages to Pac Man, Mario and Minecraft. But I think I like the gaming consoles best.

Gamer cufflinks on Cool Mom Tech

Pretty nifty gift for under $20. Just don’t be surprised if he fiddles with them all through dinner. Old habits and all that. –Liz

Find several styles of gamer cufflinks and other fun geekery at Etsy’s Bazinga