Sometimes the simplest tech ideas are the very best.

Stems laptop stand on Cool Mom Tech


Take for example these Stems laptop stands. Looking more like a pair of chopsticks than somethng you’d find at the Apple store, these handcrafted wooden stands hail from Brooklyn’s Valencia Design–also known as explore and build on Etsy.

While they call them “sexy,” not sure if I’d go that far. But I do think they’re stunning. You can choose from walnut, cherry or ash and I just love the combo of the natural eco-friendly woods with your metallic laptop. Very feng shui.


Stems wooden laptop stands on Cool Mom Tech

The other thing I like is that they’re small enough to tuck into a bag for propping up your laptop on your airplane tray table, when you’re getting that very important Facebook browsing done at Starbucks. Great little accessory. –Liz

Hit Valencia Design’s explore and build shop on Etsy to find the Stems laptop stands and specify if it’s for a Macbook Air, which requires a slightly different version.

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