My forgetfulness has been the bane of my (and my husband’s) existence. Lest you think I exaggerate, perhaps I will tell you about the time I left my wallet on top of my car and drove away. For fellow forgetters like me, here is a fantastic device that helps you keep track of your phone, keys, iPad and yes, even your children–and I will be singing its praises to the rooftops.

hipKey Bluetooth movement alarm on Cool Mom Tech

hipKey is a small, crescent-shaped Bluetooth device that can be attached to the valuable of your choice and will alert you if said valuable is moved, misplaced or, in the case of your children, wanders away. (I like to tell my husband that my keys “wander away” as well, even though he doesn’t buy it.)

The construction is excellent, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, with a motion detection range of up to 165 feet, and you can set the alarm volume or vibration, as you would a phone. You track it using the paired free app (iOS only now, sorry) which is intuitive and well-designed.

hipKey Bluetooth tracker on Cool Mom Tech

If you’re wondering how it works with actual human beings, I set it to “Child Mode” with my daughter, designating the distance on the app that I felt comfortable with and sent her off. When the alarm sounded, alerting me that she had gone beyond the set distance, we both jumped! More traditionally, there’s also an Alarm Mode that lets you track your device, and a Motion Mode which will detect your belongings in any kind of motion (like someone stealing them, obviously) no matter what the distance.

Also, a nice Find Me option lets you locate whatever the hipKey is attached to. Like, a stolen iPad, suitcase, or oh, I don’t know, maybe your wallet on top of a car. Maybe. –Shari

Purchase the hipKey Proximity and Movement Alarm at The Apple Store for $89.95 and download the free app at iTunes.