This week I looked at my definitely plugged-in MacBook, and realized it wasn’t charging. Surely the entirely frayed wire at the base had something to do with that? Mac users in particular are famiilar with the annoying ease at which the cables and connectors fall apart, so I’m happy to find some genius solutions.

Friendship bracelet cord wraps on Apartment Therapy

Our friends at Apartment Therapy have rounded up some smart resources on fixing your fraying cables, with my favorite being the “friendship bracelet” solution above courtesy of Hello Brit. As much a craft as a genius tech hack, you just wrap the cord in embroidery floss and yarn to give it more protection.

There are also solutions as simple as sticky tapes, and silicone sealants, or recommendations for brand new cables that are stronger than Apple’s. Glad to hear that Griffin Lightning Connector cables are sturdy and durable–not surprised, considering I love so much from Griffin.

Click over for some genius ideas–all of which beat replacing that darn cord. Again. For the third time. Gah, Apple! –Liz