I wouldn’t be so presumptuous as to suggest that anyone is thinking about Father’s Day yet, but should you be (in which case, standing O), there’s a super deal worth grabbing now on a really amazing tech case.

O-Range solar messenger bag on Cool Mom Tech

You’ve just got another couple days to grab the Solar Messenger Bag by O-Range for $215 at Fab.com. Which sounds expensive. Until you realize that the retail price is $285–and I spotted it on another site for an absurd $439.

This Italian company (no relation to standing O, but apt nonetheless) is known for constructing truly well-designed, sturdy, and innovative bags and this one is no exception. In fact, it’s “welded” and not sewn for a clean, seam-free look. Cool looks aside, the bag is waterproof–excellent feature when you’ve got pricy electronics inside. But the real appeal is the solar-powered charging panel which lets you actually plug your iPad, iPhone or Blackberry right inside the bag while you go about your day. It even comes with the rechargeable battery and all the plugs you need.

O-Range solar messenger bag interior on Cool Mom Tech


O-Range solar messenger bag in blue on Cool Mom Tech

Is it just for men? Heck no. In blue, black, or that awesome orange, I easily could see one of these slung over my own left shoulder. –Liz

Visit the Charbonize and O-Range sale at Fab.com while supplies last. If you aren’t a member, feel free to our invitation link to join. Learn more about solar-powered messenger bags and more at the O-Range website