Since it has been five years since the last time I was pregnant, this time around feels like my first again, even though it’s my third! Now, everything pregnancy, baby care and newborn-related I come across seems to be motorized, digitized or is a mobile app. 

Ready, Set, Baby! iPad ebook on Cool Mom Tech

While I have the parenting thing down (somewhat) pat at this point, going back to the newborn days requires active memory recall, which I don’t seem to have any more. When do you introduce the bottle? When do you start tummy time? While I have a few months until this baby is born, I want to brush up on everything newborn to prepare myself and luckily, I have found just the perfect resource to do that.

Ready, Set, Baby! is a brand new e-book for iPad and Kindle that provides an interactive guide for everything you want to know about a baby’s first year. It features chapters on topics from feeding to bathing to car seat installation to sleeping (should such a thing be a part of your newborn’s schedule) and much more.

The cool part about the ebook is that there are videos–80 of them!–embedded into the chapters from experts that actually show you how to nurse or bathe or swaddle, as opposed to you trying to figure it out by following the text. There’s also a function on every page that lets you bookmark, add notes and even share with others.


Ready, Set, Baby! new parent guide on Cool Mom Tech

We have a few baby items stored our basement, but for all the other gear that I’ll need, the “Recommended Products” section is super helpful–in addition to Cool Mom Picks, of course–because I can purchase from the app. Most of the products take you directly to the corresponding page on Amazon, which is my home away from home anyway, so it’s easy and quick to just get what I need and then go back to reading about how little sleep I’ll be getting.


Ready, Set, Baby! iPad app for parents on Cool Mom Tech

For an app, $9.99 may seem pricey, but really you need to compare this to a traditional book. And for what it gives you in comparison, Ready, Set, Baby! is actually a bargain.

Some things, like the first smile, the tiny hand grasping my pinky and the jerky newborn movements, I remember like it was yesterday. For everything else, I’m glad I’ll have the Ready, Set, Baby! book to bring me back up to speed. Jeana

Ready, Set, Baby! is available on iTunes for $9.99. It is also available for Kindle devices via Amazon

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