Vintage Manhattan map iPhone case on Cool Mom Tech
Old meets new on these awesome iPhone and Android cases that make even the Apple map app look cutting-edge. (Ha, sorry, couldn’t resist.)

The Etsy Shop, On Your Case Store, is doing such neat US-made designs for iPhones 4and 5, and the Samsung S2 and S3. Browse around for lots of designs, but I’m especially drawn to all the vintage map phone cases.

You’ll find cities like Manhattan, DC, Paris and ancient Rome, plus old subway maps from various cities.

Vintage map phone cases on Cool Mom Tech

For under $17 a pop it’s a good excuse to get a few and start changing your phone case with your mood. Hey, it’s what all the cool kids are doing. –Liz

Find affordable iPhone and Galaxy phone cases online, including vintage map cases, from On Your Case Store

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