I tend to use my iPad on the go, keeping it encased and well protected. But lately, I find we’re using it more at home for audio playlists or movies for the kids. So I’ve been on a bit of an iPad stand kick, and wow, there are some great options out there. –Liz


Resin iPad Stand from Fossil Faux Studios

If you’re not into the cases that convert to stands but looking for something that’s more of a fixture on a desk or table, there are quite a few cool options. My latest finds are the resin iPad stands from San Francisco’s Fossil Faux Studio. I am totally head over heels for the Striped Groove Stand (above) which looks like it belongs in a museum design store–albeit with a price to match. ($100)

Resin iPad Holder | Cool Mom Tech

There’s also a far less spendy version at the shop in solid colors like this misty, translucent blue-grey, currently on sale for $10 off. ($40 for a limited time)


the stump ipad stand | cool mom tech

The Stump is a super simple, affordable solution; weighty enough to do what it needs to do but with a super small footprint that I especially like on my night stand. Even if I do end up sticking business cards in there half the time. Love the colors too. ($24.95)

tab ipad stand

The Tab iPad Stand from Plodes studio is made of white, clear, or black acryllic, giving it that minimalist, dont-look-at-me look that I like. Unlike the Stump, it only holds the tablet at a 30-degree angle but that seems to be reasonable for most viewing purposes, and the feedback from buyers is positive. ($34)


mika tablet stand from bluelounge

A new discovery is the Mika iPad Stand from BlueLounge, which is so elegant and streamlined in aluminum, it looks like an extension of the iPad itself. In fact, why didn’t Apple come out with something like this themselves? Duh. The rubberized bumper on the edges is a nice touch. ($39.95)


Belkin Chef Stand and Stylus

If you’re got a lot of of iPad-as-cookbook going on in the kitchen, I remain a big advocate of the Belkin Chef Stand, which can not only can accomodate the iPad without taking off any case you have it in, but it comes with a handy stylus so you can keep those cookie dough-encrusted fingers off the touch screen. (Yeah, those fingers are mine. Guilty as charged.) Still, I suggest covering the iPad with a protective sheet or plastic Baggie, should you be prone to flinging sauces. ($39.99)



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