TYLT dual USB car chargerI know I’m not the only person who has had to flip a coin (or engage in lengthy debate) to determine whose cell phone was most in need of charging in the car, when we only had one phone charger on hand.

The TYLT dual USB car charger puts an end to at least one car debate. It’s super simple, really: just a nifty Y-shaped silicone splitter that allows you to charge two USB devices at once from the dash cigarette lighter. It comes in a few pretty colors, and there’s a Micro USB dual charger too.

If your kids happen to have their own devices though? Just make sure those are charged before you get in the car. There’s no W-shaped splitter just yet. –Liz

Buy the TYLT dual USB car charger online at the TYLT store or for a great price at Shop Android. For other smart tech for the car visit our archives.