I’ve seen such cool ways to turn my favorite Instagram photos into works of art for the wall, coasters for my drinks, pillows for my couch,  even edible Instagram chocolate bars…for my belly.

But, one of the neatest products takes my favorite Instagram shots and prints them to look like those old Polaroid prints I loved back in the day. And it is so cool.

Created by Sydney’s origrami, Retroprint photos are double-sided prints made in the same shape of those easy-to-hold Polaroids. But, no need to wave these in the air to see the photo develop. Just sign onto Instagram from the origrami site and pick out 36 of your favorite photos to be made into prints.

Want to remember the people in the shot? It’s easy to write their names in the stripe of white on under the photo. Or send a pack of 36 photos from your daughter’s first birthday party to Grandma with short notes on each so she will have a sweet keepsake.

What’s also cool is that on the back of each picture, a photo map is printed (if you enabled location tagging on the app), along with the date of the shot, and how many “likes” it received on Instagram. My kids quickly checked to see which photos were crowd favorites, spreading the photos all over the table like a deck of cards.

Origrami Retroprints on Cool Mom Tech


Fortunately for parents, such handling isn’t a problem. origrami’s Retroprints are printed on thick cardstock with a satin finish—in other words, photos won’t get bent or be marred by fingerprints after the kids are done looking at them.

I also love how they come packaged in a sturdy cardboard box which can then go neatly onto the bookshelf without needing to also put them into an album. Hey, maybe I will become one of those people who gets their photos off their phone and into the real world. Christina

Visit origrami.com to find out how to order 36 Retroprint photo prints for only $19.95 Australian (around $21 U.S.), which includes worldwide shipping. It’s taking about two weeks to fulfill orders, but considering how long these photos have sat on my phone, I think it’s worth the wait.