Great news for all you faithful Windows phone folks, especially if you love your tunes. The uber-popular music streaming service Pandora is offering not only free, but ad-free, streaming for Windows phone users. And only for Windows phone users.  exclusively.

So do you feel special? You should.

pandora windows phone app

Starting this week, you can rock out (or 80’s-Pop out, or whatever your musical heart desires) with the Pandora Windows phone 8 app through 2013 with no ads and no monthly streaming limit, plus a unique Windows Phone twist: the ability to pin your favorite stations to your Start screen for easy access.

You get all the good stuff that Pandora’s personalized radio app has to offer for zero dollars and no annoying ads to interrupt your musical experience. We’ve always liked this app (especially for car rides) for the ability to create up to 100 stations, the huge range of music and comedy genres, and for the explicit content filtering in the genius Kid’s Corner which restricts the app to just the stuff that passes muster with you.

And now, iPhone and Android users can commence complaining. I guess it pays to have an in with Microsoft sometimes. –Shari

Download the Pandora app at the Windows Phone online store.This offer is specifically for Windows Phone 8, but earlier users can continue to use the app as well.

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