I have taken so many pictures of my kids on my iPhone that I tend to group them into “series.” There’s the Florida series, the winter snowstorm series, the soccer game series, and so on. So I’m excited to have found a new app called Picerty that lets me arrange and print my collections all together.

Picerty photo editing app for iOS at Cool Mom Tech


The recently launched Picerty photo app for iOS provides you with a 3×3 grid for nine pictures that you can arrange in a photo collage. You can choose from circles or squares or other shapes to frame your nine shots, and then access your camera roll to pick whatever nine shots you desire.

Whether it’s pictures of your kids, scenic shots, a new puppy or just random shots that you love, Picerty lets you instantly create a montage of shots that are nicely arranged and totally symmetrical, something that would take me forever in Photoshop. You can even edit each individual photo to get the perfect effect.

Picerty photo collage app for iOS at Cool Mom Tech

What’s also cool is that you can print directly from the app, with the options of ordering greeting cards, stickers, even poster size prints. I can just imagine a cute series of kids wearing Santa hats as a Christmas card. Yes, I’m thinking that far ahead. Jeana

The Picerty photo collage app for iOS is available from iTunes for $0.99.

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