Leave it to Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook to unite disparate people in the wake of a tragedy like the Boston Marathon bombing yesterday. We were delighted to find @TheRunChat Twitter account, which created a truly great idea for the day.

runchat tweets on boston marathon

Follow the RunChat blog or the hashtag #runchat on Twitter, and find a simple request: Wearing a running shirt today in solidarity, or the Boston Marathon colors of blue and yellow, as did Kate M, of @runnergirl416.

You can also follow along on Instagram using the #runchat hashtag for tons of photographic inspiration–like this photo of jessicasmith626 sporting a marathon shirt.

jessicasmith626 supporting marathoners

Maybe it doesn’t seem as obviously tangible as giving blood (the Red Cross asserts that their supplie are ample at this time) or donating money somewhere, but especially with the close-knit running community, don’t underestimate the power of small actions of solidarity. Or of social media.

It’s also something older kids who know about the tragedy can feel like they’re doing–the way making snowflakes for Sandy Hook made my seven year-old feel empowered and vaguely in control. Just don’t forget to tag your images, so we can all follow along. We’ll take community where we can find it today. –Liz

Also, please visit our list of online resources and tips for talking to kids about tragedy.