When Apple made its big iPhone 5 announcement last September, everyone went huh? wha? with the new Lightning cord connectors. For the households that straddled between different models and accessories, that meant getting a whole new set of adapters and connectors. Argh.

It was clear at CES 2013 this year that the market was scrambling to keep up with the new technology, and now it looks like there are a lot of cool chargers meant specifically for Lightning users. Here are a few picks I’m liking. -Jeana

BlueLounge MiniDock

This compact MiniDock (above) lets you easily charge an iPhone or iPod without having to see cords dangling all over the place. It plugs right into the wall, for quick and easy charging, and takes up virtually no space. For people who want to minimize clutter and save space, this is a great choice for use at home or on the road. ($19.95)

Lightning Dock at Cool Mom Tech

Lightning Dock

Speaking of compact, this is another option that adds a touch of sleek to a desk or counter. It comes in a brushed metal or red finish and matches the Apple aesthetic. What’s different about this is that you loop in your own Apple cable through the dock and can charge an iPhone, iPod and iPad Mini, or can just use it as a nice stand. ($34.95)

White Wave Lightning Dock | Cool Mom Tech

White Wave Lightning Dock

For a Lightning charger that accommodates both the iPhone and iPad (and iPod Touch and Nano), this White Wave dock is a good, compact option. It’s very lightweight and like the previous options here, keeps the device upright so you can still use it while it’s charging. ($29)

Scosche Lightning Car Charger at Cool Mom Tech

Scosche Car Charger

Don’t forget about the need to charge in the car and this Scosche car charger does the trick. It plugs into your car adapter and immediately starts charging whatever Lightning device you need juiced, be it an iPhone, iPod or iPad mini. ($24.95)