I like bright colors, moving objects and intense battles as much as the next guy, but my favorite incarnation of the virtual world is when it’s used for education. Particularly if bright colors and moving objects are part of the learning process.Black Cat, Big City

Black Cat, Big City app for kids on Cool Mom Tech

This is why my must-have apps usually involve something to do with “story”–whether reading, creating, or at its best, reading and creating. So I’m thoroughly enjoying an app that not only delivers a good story of its own, but allows you to re-write the story in your own way.

Black Cat, Big City is a fun and engaging story with striking graphics, so it would be a find even if you just wanted to read a good book. But Renata Grieco’s creation is made that much better by a collaboration with the wonderful Storypanda company, publisher of interactive children’s books on mobile devices.

With Storypanda, you can choose the black cat Snowy’s original adventure on a New York City subway, or switch out the dialogue and images to put Snowy in scuba gear for an underwater jaunt, or go right ahead and replace Snowy with a wiggly squid. Once you’ve worked your magic with cat/squid Snowy, you can share your creation with friends and family.

This is “story” at its virtual best. –Shari

Download the Storypanda app for iOS for free on iTunes and purchase Black Cat, Big City for $2.99.