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Mother’s Day seems to have crept up on me this year and I have found myself in the past couple of days scrambling for last-minute gifts for special moms in my life. Right about now, I’m wishing I lived in Manhattan, San Francisco or San Jose, to take advantage of eBay’s genius, same-day delivery service.

[don’t miss a fabulous limited time offer after the jump, just in time for Mother’s Day!]

eBay Now is now a super handy mobile app for iOS, and perfect for last-minute shoppers who need a present, like, now.

(Get it? eBay Now?)

Similar to a service like Suddenlee, eBay Now allows those of you in those three major cities shop at a big retailer like Target, Urban Outfitters, Macy’s, Best Buy, Home Depot (hey, moms like power tools too) and more. Provided it fits in a car–sorry, no refrigerators–you’ll have your item on your doorstep within an hour or so. It’s like ordering a pizza! And through the app, you can even see who is making the delivery and it is is en route.

Just in time for us procrastinators on Mother’s Day, use the app between today and Sunday, May 12th, and eBay is waiving the delivery fee which is normally $5. Wow, that’s pretty fantastic.

eBay Now iOS app
eBay Now iOS app

I especially like that you can make returns through their service (you use an email address) and right now, there’s no extra fee for that either. Though I wish you could place more than one order at a time. It will be interesting to see what happens if you want a bag from Target, a steak knife set from Macy’s, and jewelry from Urban Outfitters; I am hoping that one valet still delivers all of them together to you.

While I race around town in the next couple days trying to get these last-minute purchases, those of you who living within the eBay Now delivery area can sit back, relax and wait for that doorbell to ring with your purchase. Lucky. Jeana

eBay Now is available as a free mobile iOS app in iTunes and offers delivery to Manhattan, San Francisco and San Jose areas (check the app for specific availability if you live in those regions). And don’t forget to take advantage of free delivery from today through Sunday, May 12th!


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