Dear Mom: You worked hard to make opportunities for me. You still do. So I’ll honor you this Mother’s Day with a gift that helps make opportunities for other mothers and their kids.

Bonus: This personalized giving option happens entirely online, which means no wrapping paper required.

Honoring mom digitally at Cool Mom Tech!

If you need a last-minute gift for a mom across the county (or across the street), it’s easy to help other mothers through the Digital Global Opportunity Quilt. You simply pledge any amount over $5; select your patch from a variety of inspirational, nature, or typeographical designs, and personalize it with your words to the woman you wish to honor.

They’ll send her an email with your message and patch, telling her how much good was done in her honor.

Your patch becomes part of the quilt of online giving that provides business loans to deserving women all over the world. It only takes $150 to change a life, and when that loan is repaid, the money is reinvested in the program to help yet another woman. So far, they’ve raised over $407,000 and helped over five million women, which…wow.

Because great women honoring other great women is what Mothers Day is all about, right? –Delilah

Honor a special person with a patch in the Digital Global Opportunity Quilt campaing by Opportunity International. Donations will be matched to double impact and are tax deductible.