While we adore Instagram, we still approach the Facebook takeover of Instagram with a healthy dose skepticism. Still, the network only seems to be growing, and the fact that there are so many cool things people are doing with their feeds these days renews our hope in humanity a bit–and humanity’s use of technology.

There are no shortage of users who feature spectacular photography (or parents who share a billion photos of their kids), but in the midst of them all, I’m really enjoying these cool feeds which all do something a little more special. –Liz

Charity Water on Instagram | Cool Mom Tech

Charity Water
Lots of non-profits are using Instagram for social good, but this is an exceptionally cool feed which features optimistic photos of the result of their good deeds around the world. Plus it doesn’t get pushy with fundraising, or ads disguised as photos.


InstaPam on Instagram | Cool Mom Tech


Bangkoker, graphic designer and collector Pam Teutvongse features the most amazing series of her work and collections, nearly all against the same creamy background. I admire her perfectionism.

#slumbeautiful on Instagram | Cool Mom Tech

Slum Beautiful
Using the hashtag #slumbeautiful, user D Meek gorgeously documents buildings that have seen better days, mostly in and around St Louis.


MissUnderground on Instagram | Cool Mom Tech

This is an entire feed of photos of the London tube. You’d think that might get monotonous…but it never does. It also makes you want to scold anyone who throws their garbage on the tracks in NYC (ahem).


Daily Doodlegram | Cool Mom Tech

Daily Doodlegram
Follow this feed from Israeli artist Geffen Refaeli and check out a cool illustration a day. You can even buy one you love.
[via dosfamily]


Zuhl on Instagram | Cool Mom Tech

In between shots of life and kids, I really dig John Deal’s series of photos featuring movie quotes, humorous lines from the the likes of Steven Wright and Steve Martin, or random bits of dialogue from his family, all on scrawled on chalkboards. Nice break from all the inspirational quotes made on Photoshop.


One Dollar Dreams on Instagram | Cool Mom Tech

One Dollar Dreams
I am fascinated by the website One Dollar Dreams which asks for $1 through Paypal, if you’re so inclined, to help individuals who really need it.
The companion Cachafaz Instagram feed documents all kinds of street people, truly capturing their humanity, often beautifully and sometimes painfully. His description says it all:  I just want everyone to look into their eyes and see their souls. We are usually looking in any other direction.