Here is a typical weeknight in my house. After dinner is made and I have digested, the dishes are all done and I hear snoring out of the monitor… I think, YAY I can go sit down and wait for Jon Stewart. But then I remember, I have to pack her lunch.

I think it’s the planning and extra level of organization that tips me over the edge. What do I have in the house? What didn’t I pack them yesterday? What won’t come home uneaten??? So I am allowing a little support in the form of the new iOS app, LaLa Lunchbox.

This super handy resource helps you come up with ideas and keep track of lunch-packing for your brood.

You’ll find healthy options in fruits, veggies, proteins and (of course) snacks categories that can give you some new inspiration. No it doesn’t have any mind blowing ideas, but its great to have some affirmation that salami is still an option and that hummus and veggies or black beans can indeed be considered a solid lunch.

The best part is that your older kids get to personalize and design their “lunchboxes” with fun monsters as icons, then plan their lunch a week a time just by clicking and dragging options; you might be surprised to learn your sunbutter addict actually is willing to eat a ham-and-cheese rollup one day. Plus it’s designed to help them make healthier choices themselves, as in, yes you must choose a vegetable.

This definitely takes a little stress off me, and for kids who are open to it, this is a great way to involve them in making their own healthy, satisfying food choices.

As a bonus, as you choose the meals, the app adds them to a grocery list for you to use in your weekly planning. Voila–simple grocery list at the ready.

I will say this though: if you are going to let the kiddos help, be prepared for the fact that you may not agree on selections. I am sorry, but you just can’t have cream cheese and jelly every day. Still, the app is worth the mini investment if you are looking for some guidance and support. Happy packing!

Download the LaLa Lunchbox app for iOS at iTunes