Yes, it’s come to the world’s laziest pizza ordering ever. And boy, are we geekily excited. Come on, admit it, who hasn’t wished during a maxed-out gaming session that they would have food magically appear without having to cook it?

Xbox Pizza Hut orders on Cool Mom Tech

Evidently, Microsoft and Pizza Hut have heard your lazy, sorry, desperate cries and are working on bringing pizza delivery to your Xbox 360 console, via a menu app where you’ll be able to use the Kinect motion and voice controls to place your order. (Hey, maybe that will help you work off the extra cheese? Maybe?)

Pizza Hut’s entire menu will be available and you’ll even be able to create your own pies. Users will be able to link their Xbox and accounts and save their order settings to make future purchases easier.

We are dying over here–interactive pizza? Wow. We just hope we can start getting some healthier options too. Maybe some good sushi. Too much to ask? –Shari

[via Polygon and Apartment Therapy]