Whether you spent your youth glued to a Gameboy, know a dude who keeps his NES on a pedestal, or have kids digging on Mario for Wii, these pixelated sweatshirts might be worthy of a one-up.

Retro Gameboy sweatshirt at Cool Mom Picks


The Drew Wise (The Pixel Artist) Collection features eight sweatshirts that combine old school pixel art with cutting-edge photographic printing techniques for designs that pop like a Hammer Brother. Meaning you will look exactly like a walking Gameboy. Or Pokeball. Designs also include skulls, the Triforce, and Game Over.

Pixelated Pokeball sweatshirt at Cool Mom Picks

Classic game pixelated sweatshirts at Cool Mom Picks!


Pixelated space sweatshirt at Cool Mom Picks

1UP! Pixelated heart shirt at Cool Mom Picks

Sizes run from Small to 3X, so be sure to check the size chart for a good fit. And because they are made in small batches they take 14 days to produce. Personally, I’d rock oneof these myself with leggings and Chucks, because nobody messes with Mario. –Delilah

Find the Drew Wise Collection of Gamer Sweatshirts at Beloved Shirts.