To write this post, I just checked my cell phone’s Photo Gallery to see how many pictures I’ve collected. 318. Three hundred and eighteen photos and videos. And I’m sure for some, that number would be on the low side. So what do we do with all those little captured moments besides carry them around, trapped in our devices?


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We’ve told you about cool photo aggregating apps such as Qwiki  and sweet memory recording apps like Notabli. And now there’s a truly impressive app that lets you write your own story using all the photos and videos floating in your iOS device.

Wisely named Story, the app comes from the ultimate storytellers, Disney (you were thinking the Farrelly Brothers?) and is part scrapbook, part film script and all story-telling platform. But don’t worry, none of it has to feel Disney-ish at all, if you know what I mean.


Just sift through your zillions of photos and videos and drag-and-drop them into slots in an online album, then personalize with your own captions, text, surprisingly tasteful themes and layouts. You can also do quickie stories, with the Story app finding moments in your camera roll based on when and where the photos and videos were taken, and building a story in seconds.

disney story app for ios | cool mom tech

With the ability to edit, personalize and reconstruct everything, all the storytelling power is in your hands, so lost and little-seen images take on new life; plus, all your stories can be easily shared via email and Facebook, can be embedded on a website or blog, or are visible to invited friends and family on And best of all? It’s completely free.

I think I should have taken a few photos of my face when I realized I had 318 pictures on my phone–that would have made a good Story. –Shari

Download the Story app by Disney for iOS on iTunes.


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