swiss army usb kit | cool mom techWhile you can’t exactly fly around the country any more with your handy Swiss Army knife in pocket, this tech version is the perfect tool to keep on hand wherever you may go this summer.

The USB Utility Charge Tool comes in a few fun, modern colors and contains all the fun, modern chargers you need to keep your iPhone 4/4S, your point-and-shoot, and your other essential gadgets charged by USB.  As someone who is always misplacing one charger or another, I just love the idea of having them all in one place.

For just $24, it’s a nifty and affordable Father’s Day tech gift. Especially so he can keep that phone charged for all the smartphone pictures he’ll be needing to take of the kids this summer. –Liz

Find the USB Utility Charge Tool while they last, online at Fred Flare.