With summer here and July 4th right around the corner, that means pool parties, BBQs and lots of outdoor play. We have run through our fair share of options for piping music to our backyard – though none have been very successful.

I’m hoping that these cool speakers I found will do the trick. What’s a backyard BBQ without some rocking tunes, right?

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The Pill from Beatz on Cool Mom Tech

 The Pill

 Dr. Dre’s The Pill speaker (above) is a Bluetooth Wireless audio system in a sleek, and clearly, pill-shaped package. It’s hard to believe that such big sound can come out of something this small, but the four internal drives can be credited for boosting the bass and volume. If you’re looking for a speaker with a little bit of personality and big sound for your deck, this one’s a good choice. ($139+)
 The Jambox On Cool Mom Tech


We’ve long been fans of Jawbone’s speaker options and Jambox Mini is a great choice if you want more say in where your music is coming from. With this palm-sized Jambox, you can “remix” and take advantage of a cool customization service allowing you to from a myriad bright color options for both the grill and the casing, which is fun or summer. And if you want even bigger sound, don’t forget about the Big Jambox! (Jambox Mini, $88; Big Jambox; $189)
Cubedge speaker on Cool Mom Tech


Cubedge is another fantastic compact, wireless, Bluetooth-enabled speaker with great sound. What makes it different? It’s made from eco-friendly materials (no PVC!) and also comes packaged in a very cool reusable aluminum container. And an accesory you can purchase separately is a solar panel that charges it when you’re using it outside. Perfect for those bright summer days! Plus it boasts a 10-14 hour battery life. ($65)

Ultimate Ears BOOM on Cool Mom Tech

Ultimate Ears BOOM

Having a pool in the backyard makes me doubly appreciate this completely water-resistant wireless speaker that’s not only pool-friendly, but also boasts big sound. Not to mention its 15 hour-long battery life! Now that’s one long party. You can also use the complementary BOOM smartphone apps to pair multiple speakers together for that huge BBQ bash. ($199)

Philips ShoqBox speaker on Cool Mom Tech

Philips ShoqBox

The rugged new Philips ShoqBox speaker is both splash and shock resistant. So, no need to worries if a rogue toddler grabs ad tosses it, or if the rain starts to spoil your BBQ. The bluetooth technology allows you to stream from any of your devices and it comes in a variety of colors, beyond the basic black pictured above. If you’ve got a bigger backyard, grab two and pair them for a little outdoor surround sound. ($149.99)

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