We’re always on the prowl for awesome wireless speakers here at Cool Mom Tech, because let’s face it, we’re women and women like things to look clean and sharp. Oh, and when it comes to speakers, sound clean and sharp. You know of our abiding affection for the Jawbone Jambox, the little speaker with the big sound that fits in the palm of your hand, and now we’re excited to find another tiny speaker that rivals the Jambox–and maybe, just maybe, squeaks past it in sound quality and aesthetic appeal.

Beats Electronics introduces The Pill speaker, or as they put it, Just what the Dr. ordered–the doctor being Dr. Dre. The Pill is a jammin’ Bluetooth Wireless audio system in a sleek, pill-shaped package available in black, red and white for a pretty manageable $200. With four internal drivers, the sound is pretty incredible; multi-layered with plenty of bass, and able to achieve a great deal of volume without the distortion you often get from small speakers.

Beats Pill Wireless Speaker | Cool Mom Tech

The Pill is the first wireless speaker that lets you pair it to your phone or audio player by just tapping it. With a built-in microphone for speakerphone functionality, my husband and I had so much fun listening to music and then calling each other on our cell phones over the Pill speaker, seeing how far we could get away from our devices and still have a clear call. The answer: up to 30 feet!  Ah, amusement for geeks. –Shari

Find the The Beats Pill wireless audio system, online at Beats by Dr. Dre and thanks to Beats for providing one to CMT for review.