We’ve been seeing MacBook decals and stickers for a while–you know, the Snow White holding the Apple (logo) and so on. But we just found these stickers just for your iPhone. And wow, are they fun.

iPhone stickers | Cool Mom Tech


The smartphone stickers by the Sticker Company are less geek-chic and more hipster pop culture design snob cool. And I mean that in a good way. You’ll find silhouettes of everyone from the Pope to Mr. Watson to Audrey Hepburn, all working around the little Apple logo on the back as the face. Personally, I might just be jonesing for Mr. T.

They do make a limited number of the designs for iPads (“tablets” – although uh, duh) and MacBooks as well.

iPad decals | Cool Mom Tech

It’s definitely one way to keep your iDevice from blending into a sea of others. Because if there’s one thing Mac fans don’t like, it’s feeling unoriginal. Even if they’re all doing the same thing together. –Liz

Find the smartphone stickers for iPhone online from Donkey Products, which ship from the UK. 

[via alpha mom on Pinterest]