If you are Amazon Prime member, your tablets may soon be taken over by your kids (if they haven’t been already).

Amazon just announced that Prime members can now instantly stream popular kids’ programs from Nickelodeon and Nick Jr., directly to Prime Instant Video.

Your kids’ favorites like The Backyardigans, Team Umizoomi, Blue’s Clues, Yo Gabba Gabba!, future episodes of Dora the Explorer, and more will be available on Amazon Prime on all Kindle Fire devices, iOS tablets and Roku set-top boxes. That means you can start cleaning out those old DVD towers, and deleting the 14 episodes of YGG taking up space on your DVR. (Just us?)

It’s not just for kids though, now Amazon prime will let parents enjoy new programming from MTV and Comedy Central. Maybe after the kids are asleep.


Kids programs come to Amazon Prime

For Kindle Fire users, kids will be able to watch these favorite shows on Amazon’s awesome FreeTime Unlimited service, without you worrying that they’ll stumble across questionable content or annoying ads. In other words, lots of new reasons to be an Amazon Prime member these days.

With Amazon also holding exclusive rights to Downton Abbey, it’s going to be a battle over who gets to that Kindle Fire first. -Jeana

Go to Amazon Prime to get more information on new shows for kids and adults.


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