Even since I was a kid, gifts with batteries were somehow considered higher on the Awesome Gift Continuum™ but still, I get that not every parent wants a child’s head buried in a screen. So this is one gift that fulfills all the techy fun a kid would hope for, with all the indie handmade cred that makes some of us feel a little better about the purchase.

At the MoMA Store, this Wooden Voice Recorder almost looks like a “voice recorder”–as in, powered by imagination. But the truth is, you can can hold down the red button to really record, play black with the black button, and fiddle with the knob to goof around with speed and pitch. And recording time is short, so kids can only annoy you with playback in 30 second increments.

I really like that it’s hand-crafted and painted from sustainable wood right in Brooklyn and painted with non-toxic paints. Perfect for any tech-loving big kid who grew up with all-natural blocks and faceless Waldorf dolls handcrafted by fair trade Peruvian cooperatives. –Liz

Find the Wooden Voice Recorder by Richard Upchurch at the MoMA store, where members save 10%.