With my son learning the drums and my daughter the piano, I always joke that I should pick up the guitar again so we can start a band. I used to play, but this hobby somehow fell by the wayside after the kids were born (gee, wonder why). Now with a new site called GuitarBots, I may be able to get strumming again with the help of an impressive online gaming/teaching system that’s like nothing I’ve ever seen.

GuitarBots online learning system at Cool Mom Tech

GuitarBots is a website that uses a series of games to help you learn and practice your guitar skills, and is really suited for everyone from beginner to advanced. What’s amazing about this site is that through the magic of technology, it actually listens to you playing and determines a set of games and lessons that are suited for your level.

This is teaching masked as entertainment, since all of the activities are Guitar Hero-like games where you play along, trying to keep ahead, scoring points for correct notes and so on. Only this is no Guitar Hero.

GuitarBots online learning system at Cool Mom Tech

GuitarBots is in beta stage right now, so you can test it out yourself online, and is expected to launch later this year with a more full-featured site and complementary mobile app.

If you’re interested in learning the guitar, or like me, want to pick it up again, GuitarBots may be your answer for getting that family band going sooner rather than later. Jeana

Register online at GuitarBots to check out the activities and start strumming away.

[via techcrunch]

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