Behold, my actual MacBook Pro keyboard!¬†Most see it and think whoa–she really abuses that S, L, C, and is that an E up there? Me, I try to see the positive side: My kids are going to rock at touch typing.

Suddenly I get the benefit of a product like adhesive decals for your keyboard.

Kidecals keyboard decals | Cool Mom Tech


Keycals Keyboard Stickers from Kidecals have a great range of options for Mac keyboards, from rainbows to fancy flowers, to subtle designs and simple color gradations. There are also some that are far too wacky for my tastes (magenta chevron overload!), but I’m sure any tween or teen would roll her eyes at me for saying that. and talk about me behind my back.

Floral Mac keyboard decals | Cool Mom Tech

Chevron computer key decals | Cool Mom Tech

For $6 there are also mini sets, allowing you to apply some teen-approved pink graffiti accents over a few select keys or instead, Star Trekify your keyboard. You have to love that Space = The Final Frontier.

Star Trek keyboard decals | Cool Mom Tech

The vinyl removes easily (though not too easily) and the acrylic adhesive is designed not to mess up your keys when you’re done with them. Or uh, mess up your keys more than they already are. Guilty.

Find the Keycals Keyboard Stickers from $6-14 online at Kidecals.

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