As much as I love my camera phone, I tend to forget to do anything with those photos, since downloading them to my computer means one extra step in a day that is already too full of “extra steps.” So my overworked brain is thankful to find an app for both iOS and Android that makes it so incredibly easy to order a variety of prints with just a few clicks on my phone.


PostalPix’s free app is so easy to use and especially great for those of us who have a mix of regular shots and Instagram shots to print. And, if you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift that really rocks, you have to see how their photos look on a little heavy metal.

With seven different print sizes, from the standard 4×6″ print to a cool 8×8″ square, I can order a big 8×10″ shot to frame for my father-in-law at the same time I’m ordering all my Instagram favorites. They even have a cool grid for nine small 2×2″ snapshots which can be made into a collage or used for a craft project.


PostalPix aluminum on Cool Mom Tech

But it’s their nifty aluminum prints that are really striking. As the name suggests, photos are printed directly onto sheets of sturdy aluminum. And it’s really cool because these are no flimsy “tin foil” sheets but 1mm plates that won’t bend if you drop them on the floor.

PostalPix’s process somehow imprints your photo onto the metal and isn’t just a photo glued downl. This makes the photo very scratch-resistant, and not something that will peel up on the first humid summer day.

I really love how the square aluminum prints look and think a row of them would be really wonderful on a wall, maybe in my husband’s office for a sentimental Father’s Day gift. In either a 4-inch or 8-inch square, they definitely cost more than a regular print but when you consider that you don’t need to pay the cost for a mat and frame, they are almost a bargain.

Download the PostalPix app for iOS or Android to check out the many photo products available.