We’re always looking for cool hostess gifts (and have the Pinterest board to prove it), but if you’re visiting someone who’s a little more tech than twee, here’s an awesome idea.

Keyboard coasters | Cool Mom Tech

The acrylic keyboard coasters at CKIE are so fun, right? The set of 2 black and 2 white coasters have a photo that looks like a regular keyboard, but upon closer inspection, they read “spill only if you dare.” Then again, it’s probably the one time the kids actually can keep their juices around keyboard keys and you won’t bat an eye.

If you’re the type who has trouble unplugging on the weekends, maybe just a quick glance at a keyboard on a coffee table will keep you from getting all twitchy. Maybe? –Liz

For a cool hostess gift for a tech-savvy hostess, get the keyboard coasters at CKIE.