In anticipation of summer sand and surf, we recently offered up some of the best waterproof cases to protect your smartphones. And while I love my LifeProof and wouldn’t go near a pool or beach without some kind of protection for my iPhone, the new Samsung phone has taken a smart step.

A really smart waterproof step.

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 Active has all the bells and whistles that Kristen touted with the original Galaxy S4, but one hugely redeeming quality is that fact that the phone itself is completely water- and dust-resistant.


According to claims, it’s water resistant up to one meter for 30 minutes, making it no match for those little drops and splashes of water it’ll inevitably get with kids near a pool. I haven’t tried it myself but that’s quite a selling point for parents.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active on Cool Mom Tech

The phone casing is still slim, unlike a bulky waterproof case, so you don’t even realize that there’s all that extra built-in protection. And to make it even more protected, the 5″ screen is made from Gorilla Glass. So, not only can your kids spill things on the phone directly, they can drop it too and it will likely be fine. Not a recommendation from me to try it, but hey, you never know with kids.

If you were thinking about getting a Galaxy S4, definitely consider this model. With this kind of built-in protection, it’s a pretty great option. -Jeana

The Galaxy S4 Active is available on the AT&T network for $199.99 with a two-year agreement, and often on sale at Target.