Every so often I go ahead and swap out the photo on my desktop for some soothing, cool illustrated desktop pattern. Often because I have so much crap on my desktop I stop being able to find it. I mean…because I have awesome style and want to make sure the guy next to me on the airplane sees it as he reads over my shoulder.

If you’re looking for cool modern wallpapers, we’ve found the motherlode.

Wonderful desktop wallpaper download | Cool Mom Tech

At Design Lovefest there’s an entire category of crowdsourced “dress your tech downloads” going back a year, and it’s now filled with so many wonderful free modern desktop wallpaper designs, it’s hard to stop browsing.

Free desktop wallpaper | Cool Mom Tech

Modern desktop wallpaper downloads | Cool Mom Tech

Roam if you want to desktop wallpaper | Cool Mom Tech
Ice cream desktop wallpaper download | Cool Mom Tech

Cameras downloadable wallpaper for iPad | Cool Mom Tech

You’ll find free wallpapers sized for PCs, and even a few wallpapers for iPads and phones, but you can adapt your favorite to fit your device if you’re handy with resizing JPGs.

Desktop wallpaper for organization | Cool Mom Tech

I’m especially impressed with this desktop design from Val Marie which takes into consideration desktops like mine, and gives you a filing system built right in. Genius.

By the way, if you’re a designer who wants to put a little free love out into the world, she takes submissions. But you’d better be good, from what I’m seeing. In other words, no stock photos of cats, no Comic Sans. –Liz

Find free modern desktop wallpaper online at Design Lovefest. And for more free desktop wallpapers visit this post. Too many to choose from!

[via how about orange]

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