With the advent of Vine and now Instagram video, I’m betting that your phones are getting filled to the brim with sheer data. While thinking about your phone cache probably isn’t something you do regularly, having a phone nearing capacity can result in slower performance and can even prohibit you from downloading bigger apps, without you even realizing why. Not good. Luckily, there are some helpful apps out there that can clear out your phone cache for you. Jeana

App Cache Cleaner app for Android on Cool Mom Tech

For Android

App Cache Cleaner

App Cache Cleaner (above) is kind of one-stop shop for your cache cleaning needs. You download the app and then it’s just one tap for the app to scour your phone. It finds the extra storage your phone is taking up and deletes all that is unnecessary. Don’t worry, the important stuff you have saved won’t be touched. (Free)


Easy Cache Cleaner app for Android on Cool Mom Tech

Easy Cache Cleaner

This is another good app for Android devices that will wipe out bulging caches with one click. This also lets you see all the apps that are taking up cache space and as a nice bonus, it offers reminders so that you can regularly clean your cache and keep that phone running smoothly. (Free)

For iOS

There aren’t as many easy options for cache cleaners on iOS devices, especially when it comes to dedicated apps, but the following options can still clean up caches on Apple devices.


PhoneClean Mac/PC app on Cool Mom Tech


After loading this free download onto your Mac or PC, it will automatically clear out the caches of your iOS devices when you sync them to iTunes. PhoneClean will also delete hidden junk files, and clear out any defective or corrupt files that iTunes encounters when it tries to download or sync apps to your device. (Free)


iCleaner app for iOS on Cool Mom Tech


iCleaner’s purpose is to wipe out data on your phone completely, so this is really for those of you looking to donate or resell your phones. Assuming you have synced all your data to iTunes and backed it up, you can use this app to clean out the cache and and all your data. (Buh-bye, stored passwords.) That said, there is an option to clear temporary files to free up space, like cached pictures and videos. But you should definitely make sure your data is backed up before using this option, just in case. ($.99)