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At least a few nights during summer vacation, we throw “reasonable bedtimes” out the window and stay up way too late around a bonfire or lying on the beach gazing at the stars. And now we have a song that captures beautifully the sense of wonder those stars stir inside with lyrics and a melody that are intoxicating as a sultry summer’s night.

{Find how to download a free version of this song just for CMT readers after the jump!}

Lori Henriques performs When I Look Into The Night Sky borrowing the haunting melody from folk song St. James Infirmary Blues, but with lyrics that are much more appropriate for kids. Accompanying herself on piano, Lori sings of how she feels when she looks up at the stars and thinks about her place in the universe. Big thoughts, for sure, but it’s told in a way that will make sense to even the littlest stargazer.

free printable coloring sheet for kids by joel henriques | cool mom tech

If you love the song as much as we do, check out the Night Sky video Lori’s brother, artist and super talented designer/craft blogger Joel Henriques, created for it. There is even a free printable coloring sheet (above) for your kids to recreate their own little scenes of the night sky outside your home. –Christina

Download a free version of When I Look Into The Night Sky from Lori Henriques’ new CD The World Is a Curious Place to Live.

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