What appears to be a retro-cool mix tape is actually a high-tech gadget capable of stealing your honey’s heart. Also with music.

Continuing our undying (and, yes, stubborn) love for the mix tape, this super cool mix tape thumb drive from Milktape cleverly conceals a USB plug that holds 128 MB of storage space, or about 15 carefully selected songs.

Less if you include Freebird.


Milktape mix tabe USB drive | Cool Mom Tech

Just like the mix tapes of yore, it comes with stickers to doodle on, a case, and a cover on which to list all of the songs you’ve carefully curated. Bonus: it’s on sale at Fab right now. Woohoo! Or uh, groovy.

Find the mix tape thumb drive on Milktape’s website, or currently on sale at Fab.com. If you need an invite link to Fab, here’s ours.

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