If you are not aware of Orla Kiely’s slow take over of all things textile-related, you might not be paying attention. From her pricy totes and accessories to laptop cases it’s the kind of stuff that just makes you happy. And now she’s making design fans happier for less.

If you can’t shell out upwards of $400 for one of her coveted handbags, you can show your style with the new Orla Kiely iPhone case for about 90% less. Made by Belkin, the functionality of this designer iPhone case is not an afterthought–the case protects all your buttons, wraps around to protect your screen at the edges, and keeps your ports open and accessible for microphones and the like.

You’ll find all four of the exclusive patterns available for all your iOS devices, including iPhones 4 and 5, iPads, iPad minis, and they’re all just as smartly designed.

orla kiely belkin iphone case | cool mom tech

orla kiely belkin ipad mini case | cool mom tech

orla kiely iphone case for belkin | cool mom tech

orla kiely belkin ipad case | cool mom tech

With a phone case this pretty, I’d be tempted to skip a bluetooth headset and hold it right to my ear just so more people can see it. No, just kidding. I’m not that shallow. But I do really like it. –Liz

Find the new  Orla Kiely iPhone 5 cases at Belkin, or visit the Orla Kiely website for her other cool tech cases and covers. You can also find a wide selection of them at great prices at Target. And yes…we’re rooting for you Samsung Galaxy S 3 owners to get some love from her soon, too.


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