A while back, we covered a fun website and app that takes doodling to the digital age. Doodle.ly is a social sharing sketchpad that lets you share doodles, see other creations and marvel at the kind of talent people have. As if that weren’t fun enough, a huge update to the Doodle.ly app will get you drawing at all times of day–and not just when you’re on those long drawn out conference calls. 

Oh wait. We mean, more fun for your kids. Of course. 

Doodle.ly app | Cool Mom Tech


The newest version of the Doodle.ly app  for iOS gives you a lot more options for turning your doodles intto actual drawings, for those lucky artists with actual drawing abilities.

While I’ll still stick with my go-to flowers and 3D cubes, at least I have digital pens, pencils, crayons, markers and even highlighters that look so real. You can also now zoom into your doodle to add more detail and fine-tune, which probably came in really handy with this masterpiece. Wow, that’s real talent.

And of course, in true social network fashion, you can designate exceptional artists you want to follow and get notifications when people start following you as well.

Doodle.ly app | Cool Mom Tech

If you’re on the stick figure side of doodling like me and just would prefer to keep things private, you can also keep a running log of your personal doodles and drawings without sharing with the entire network. That’s also a good bet if your kids are on your device.

It also lets me keep my sad drawings to myself, but still allows me to view other people’s masterpieces. Doodle envy, hmph. Jeana

Doodle.ly is available for free on iTunes.


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