We always hear about devices getting hacked–PCs, smart phones, huge corporate networks–so it’s no wonder someone has finally created the most secure phone possible.

Fortress Fone | Cool Mom Tech


Your best bet for total phone security, should you be an international spy or Hollywood madam, is now the Fortress Fone. This professional-grade encrypted phone is also a perfect option for parent who coaches a really, really competitive Peewee League Football Team.

The Fortress Fone is a Samsung Galaxy phone that runs on a beefed up Android platform to stop any kind of malware attack and thwart those spying eyes. Not only are all calls and texts encrypted, but the device is reportedly totally hack-proof as well.

One caveat: because of the high-security encrypted platform these devices operate on, Fortress Fone calls can only be made to other Fortress Fone users. Again, spy network. You don’t have to say who you are. Just know we’ve got you covered.  Jeana

Check out the Fortress Fone website for more information on the most secure phone you can find for all your covert operations.

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