With the world going Instagram crazy, why not take those fun, overfiltered little square photos and wear your favorites around your neck or on your fingers? Who knows–maybe you’ll get some new followers out of it.

That’s the idea behind the colorful Instasparkle line of jewelry at Antisparkle. With rings starting at just $22, going up to $34 for a double-photo necklace, it’s a neat little affordable photo gift. If only for yourself.

instasparkle instagram photo ring | cool mom tech

instagram double photo necklace by antisparkle | cool mom tech

Insert your own 1″ square photo into one of the colorful frames and you’re good to go. I bet you’ll get even more “likes” in person than you do on your actual feed. Or, most of us will. –Liz

Find the affordable Instasparkle Instagram photo jewelry online at geek fun shop, Antisparkle.com