When we found the Chef Sleeve a couple years back for protecting your iPad in the kitchen, we were just at the dawn of tablet-mania. Since then, it’s amazing to see just how much the iPad has become a fixture in the kitchen–and some of the cool new products to make it feel right at home there.

Chef Sleeve Cutting Board with iPad Stand | Cool Mom Tech

The new cutting board with iPad stand may be the new must-have for those of you, like me, who live and die by Mark Bittman’s How To Cook Everything app. While it’s made with a groove along the back that props your iPad at the right angle for direction-following (it fits horizontally or vertically), it’s a really decent cutting board in its own right.

It’s designed by Epicurean (as opposed to a bunch of tech guys), who are known for their eco-friendly, US-made cutting boards. Now this is not what I’m used to; I tend to use thick, natural wood cutting boards, while this one is made with compressed layers of wood fibers. Still it’s deceptively heavy and sturdy considering how thin it is, and while I’m no professional chef, I’m liking it even without the tech component.

Chefs Sleeve Cutting Board with iPad Stand | Cool Mom Tech

There are little pads on the bottom to keep it from slipping, even on my marble counters, and it’s got a handy slate-lined well around the rim to trap juices and other gooey stuff. Best of all, dishwasher safe. Yay!

Now I’ll admit I am a little nervous about wielding a big sharp knife right by my iPad. And I am super cautious about having the iPad quite so close to the goo and splatters. If that’s you too, consider sealing it in a Chef Sleeve or even a large baggie while you cook. Or maybe this isn’t the board you use for your Thanksgiving turkey that serves 10.

There’s another option too from the company.

Chef Sleeve iPad Stand for Kitchen | Cool Mom Tech

Chef Sleeve also makes an iPad stand made just for the kitchen. You can keep it off the counter all together, but should it meet with a wayward squirt of olive oil, unlike most iPad stands, you can toss it right in the dishwasher.

Since I’ve been cooking a lot more lately, trying to get back in the habit for fall, something tells me those digital cookbooks are going to get even more of a workout now. You ready, Bittman? –Liz

Find the new dishwasher-safe cutting board with iPad stand and other tech products for the kitchen online from Chef Sleeve.

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