We love covering cool monthly subscription boxes over on Cool Mom Picks. Whether you’re a foodie, a crafter, or a beauty maven, there’s someone willing to deliver carefully curated goodies to your door.

My geek sisters, time to kneel before Zod. It’s our turn.

It’s called Nerd Block, and it’s a monthly subscription service just for geeks. Just pick your t-shirt size, and each month you’ll receive a geeky shirt and five to six epic toys and collectibles spanning comics, movies, TV shows, and all the usual geeky suspects. We’re talking Star Wars, Adventure Time, Marvel, Pixar, and more. Aw, yiss!

What I love: for t-shirt sizes, you can choose from unisex, fitted mens, fitted womens, or youth XS to XL. What I don’t love: They say it’s “only $19.99”, but we geeks are pretty good at math, and shipping is $9.50. Which means it’s nearly $30. Of course, if you buy a lot of geeky t-shirts, you know that’s still a pretty good deal.

What a fantastic gift for the geek in your life, especially when their obsession changes every couple of years. As a geeky kid whose family didn’t quite get it, I would have been overjoyed to receive this instead of those Avon matched panties and lipsticks gift sets from my great aunt. And as an adult who can’t decide if she’s more into Loki, Iron Man, or Thor, I’d still be a big fan.

Dare I say… BAZINGA?-Delilah

Check out Nerd Block at the Nerd Block site. It’s geekily delicious.