The Hubble Telescope has given humanity a startling and beautiful glimpse into the wonders of space, from baby stars to colliding galaxies. And now you can carry them near your heart. Or on your purse. Or in your hair.

hubble telescope star scarves | cool mom tech

These gorgeous 100% silk scarves from Slow Factory feature amazing photographs taken by NASA’s Hubble telescope. Nebulas, ice sculptures, supernovas, star nurseries, and many more concepts that might have been boring in college science books are suddenly stunning, seen in full color.

celestial fireworks silk scarf | cool mom tech

stars on your wrist | cool mom tech

crab nebula supernova scarf | cool mom tech

hubble photo star scarves at cool mom tech

Many of the scarves are on sale right now, with final prices ranging from $50 to $100, which isn’t bad for 100% silk. And just think: when people ask you about your gorgeous scarf, you can answer, “it’s made of stars!”-Delilah

Find the Hubble Telescope silk scarves at Slow Factory.

[h/t Swiss Miss]