I will admit that one of the things that has kept me from upgrading to an iPhone 5–besides the pending iPhone 6 that’s coming out–is the need to upgrade like a zillion chargers, docks and other accessories. The move to lightning connectors can be horribly annoying, to say the least. And if you’ve got an Android phone, you’ve probably always felt the annoyance, with cool accessories that were made specifically for iPhone users.

dockBoss5 30-pin dock converter for lightning devices | cool mom tech

Now there are a ton of adapters that are emerging, including a highly rated one from CableJive that caught my eye: the dockBoss5.

It was specifically to make that early Soundfreaq Recharge or Jawbone Jambox or Geneva sound system compatible for your new iPhone5, but really it’s compatible with any 30-pin (iPhone4 and earlier) dock, and any portable device that now uses the lighning connector including Blackberries and the Samsung Galaxy.

Now obviously it won’t be a streamlined and pretty as having your actual iPhone or iPod right in that dock. But for a simple money-saver without upgrading your compatible devices, that audio jack is pretty handy–it even works with the dock remote control. Sweet. 

It’s also smart for the car, or bring it on the road, where hotel-provided tech accessories haven’t yet gone to lightning connectors either. 

dockBoss5 30-pin dock converter for lightning devices | cool mom tech

The dockBOSS 5 comes with a USB to micro cable for charging, and an audio connection cable–but the iPhone 5 cable is not included. Fortunately, one came with your iPhone 5 in the first place. –Liz

Find the dockBoss 5 30-pin converter online at Cable Jive for $29.95. Which is cheaper than buying all new audio systems and docks.

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