I still have that Giving Tree iPhone case bookmarked for purchase one day. There’s something about the idea of wrapping a new-fangled phone in an old- fashioned book cover that makes me really happy. The only thing better: a case made of a whole collection of books that I loved as a kid.

Here, 5 really beautiful photographic cases that should bring back a few memories.  -Liz

Vintage Winnie the Pooh books iPhone case (at top). If your tastes run more toward childhood nostalgia, I love the vintage cover of these. ($32, Shade Tree Photography)


Steven King Books samsung galaxy case | cool mom tech

Steven King collection iPhone case or Samsung Galaxy 3 case. My actual bookshelf looks like this. Not even kidding.  ($30 + 35 Lisa Bonowicz Photo)

Nancy Drew books iPhone case | cool mom tech

Nancy Drew collection iPhone case Attention book publishers: Never ever ever “modernize” Nancy Drew. The original covers are perfection. You’re welcome. ($32, Shade Tree Photography)

Hardy Boys iPhone 5 case | cool mom tech

Hardy Boys iPhone 5 Case Of course you can’t have Nancy Drew without her male counterparts, right? ($32, Shade Tree Photography)


Vintage Children's Books iPhone Case | cool mom tech

Vintage Children’s Books iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Case Beyond Milne, there’s E.B. White, and in a charming touch, the Kids’ World Almanac Volume 1. ($38, Sandra Arduini Photo)


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